NOLS began as a formally chartered section within the Oregon State Bar in the summer of 2011, when an Oregon attorney noticed the lack of a section focused on this area of law and decided to see if there was sufficient interest in forming a section.

An email survey established that there were well over 100 Oregon attorneys (the minimum number required to ask the Board of Governors to charter a new section) who were willing to commit to joining the section. In October, the BOG approved the new section, and the organizers recruited members for the initial executive committee. Monthly telephone meetings of the Executive Committee began in November 2011, and the first face-to-face meeting was in February 2012 at the Bar Center in Tigard. The section’s first CLE was scheduled for late September not long after, and this website was begun.

First Section CLE at Oregon Convention Center, Sept. 28, 2012

Still time to catch our first CLE on video replay