David Atkin is the founder and director of Nonprofit Support Services, a law office that works exclusively for nonprofit organizations.  David has been deeply involved in the nonprofit sector for over 40 years.  His law office, Nonprofit Support Services, has been providing specialized legal services for nonprofit organizations for over 25 years, and he has represented and worked with more than a thousand nonprofit organizations.

David is a recognized expert on nonprofit law and regularly presents seminars and workshops on nonprofit law topics to a wide variety of audiences all around the country, including seminars for the board members and staff of charitable, educational and religious organizations, advocacy organizations, and various kinds of mutual benefit organizations, as well as seminars for the attorneys and CPAs who advise them.

In addition to his legal specialty in nonprofit law, David also specializes in providing assistance to nonprofit organizations in areas such as strategic planning, organizational capacity building, organizational transitions, and conflict resolution.

When he’s not working for nonprofit groups, David loves whitewater rafting, hiking and camping with his family, and working on building projects at their family farm.  Prior to becoming a lawyer he worked as a smokejumper for 10 years, fighting forest fires throughout the west.